Consistency is KEY

At the start of the Edmonton Oilers season, the Oilers came out with a bang, showing that they can eliminate any team from the list of challengers. As they do every year, they let the amount of wins and skill get to there heads and they slow down. They don't fight as hard in the corner. They don't attack as hard on the back check. They lose all momentum.

A PRIME example of someone who let off the gas is James Neal. Neal scored more goals in the first couple of games than the veteran that he was traded for did in the entire 2018-2019 season. Everyone loved it! He was putting it past the goaltender and straight between the pipes, and lit up the lamp, time and time again.

To my understanding, the Oilers haven't had any drastic line changes or players being put on the injured reserve, so why aren't they staying on top? They let off the gas. If they had continued to fight for the "W" as hard as they did on the longest win streak since he 80's, they would be at the top of there division, if not the league.

When I was playing minor hockey, in bantam as well as midget, I was always told by my coaches that consistency wins hockey games. As soon as you slow down or don't fight as hard, you start to lose momentum. Every year, since 2006, when they lost in the Stanley cup final against the Carolina Hurricanes, the Oilers have struggled with consistency.

With the way that they have now built up a strong, competitive team, I believe that they can, once again break out of the mud, and become a team that will soon be, Stanley Cup Champions, once again. All it takes, is a little bit more consistency in the lineup!