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Friday Morning Hot Links

NHL: Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, I assume you illegal streamers were capable of watching the game last night, unlike the rest of us. Here are the links.

First, The Oilers are feeling confident according to the players and coaches when they’re standing in front of cameras asking leading questions. (Media Outlet That Can’t Handle Broadcasting A Hockey Game)

And here are a few ideas and story-lines for the Oilers ahead of the trade deadline. Peter Chiarelli might be running that deadline, by the way. (The Hockey Writers)

Shona keeps us up to date with some UofA coverage. (Copper&Blue)

Lastly, the Blue Jackets are having some issues with Sergei Bobrovsky. He’s been scratched for behavioral issues. (JacketsCannon)

That’s all for now, enjoy your weekend.