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Oilers To Wear “Retro” Blue Jerseys Four Times In 2018-19

Okay, they’re not that retro.

Calgary Flames v Winnipeg Jets
Blue kits come back four times in 2018-19
Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Blues are back in for 2018-19.


I have a hard time calling this a ‘retro jersey’ because it’s been what, a year since we’ve seen it? The Edmonton Oilers are going back to blue for a grand total of four nights during their 40th anniversary season. They’ll wear it to face off against some old Smythe Division foes, which is a nice little treat to commemorate the 40th anniversary. The orange kits will be kept for the remainder of the home contests.


You know what would’ve been a sweet retro offering?

Val Fonteyne looking marvelous in 1973.

It’s been more than 40 years since the Oilers have skated in these beauties, and there’s next to no chance that we’ll ever see these again as they’re from the WHA-era. Ah well. They’re fantastic, and it goes to show you that a good uniform is timeless.

Sit tight. Training camp is right around the corner, and the first preseason game is in less than two weeks.