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Monday Morning Hotlinks

Extended weekend hotlinks for your pleasure

2006 Edmonton Oilers Headshots
Time flies when you’re Kyle Brodziak
Photo by Getty Images

Labour Day Hotlinks! Get your labour day hotlinks here!

Let’s use bullet points today, they’re nice.

  • Robin Brownlee of Oilers Nation has noticed that the Oilers are in a bit of a pickle due to their frivolous salary cap management. Now they’ve got to sign Darnell Nurse with sugar packets and matchsticks. It would be comical if it wasn’t so sad. Brownlee is quick to point out that since July 1st, Chiarelli hasn’t done half bad with the budget signings of Kyle Brodziak, Tobias Rieder and the like. The rule is: don’t send Chiarelli to market with more than ten dollars.
  • “ If someone is trying to make you feel bad about being an Oilers fan, imagine how awful their life must be, and then move along to something more pleasant like demon liquor or the fairer sex” - Lowetide
  • Over at the Oilers Rig, Alex Thomas takes a look at the Oilers’ second round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft. That’s Ryan McLeod, and he’s going to score a bunch of goals in the NHL one day.
  • A Buffalo NY radio board operator had a criminally poor take on the Oilers and Connor McDavid. When I retweeted it, the Edmonton Journal was there.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend. We’re back at it tomorrow.