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Oilers Waive G Al Montoya

Mikko Koskinen to be backup to start year. Starrett third string for Europe.

Edmonton Oilers v Arizona Coyotes
Montoya waived.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As per their twitter this morning:

...the Edmonton Oilers have waived G Al Montoya after what one assumes was a strong-ish performance last night. I say assumes because the game wasn’t televised and yours truly wasn’t able to catch a stream, so it’s not really for me to say. But the Oilers won, and so Montoya too is but a memory now, like the fourth round pick spent to acquire him.

Montoya’s numbers last year were far from spectacular, but it’s hard to argue that Mikko Koskinen has beaten anyone out at camp. Or, at least, it was before last night. Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Montoya posted a modest 0.906 SV% with a 2.94 GAA in 9 appearances last season with the Oilers.