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Oilers Assign Ryan McLeod to Mississauga Steelheads - Roster Stands at 28

NHL: Preseason-Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers have sent Ryan McLeod back to junior.

McLeod had an excellent camp and preseason without looking out of place among the NHL players. He made it a lot further into his first pro training camp than anyone could have realistically expected, and I’m sure the Oilers are very happy with him.

Despite playing so well and looking so ready, 2nd round pick players almost never make as NHL roster out of camp in their first year. Only Ryan O’Reilly and Patrice Bergeron have played more than 40 games in recent memory. And it’s a stretch to call 2003 recent memory. You could put this stat into the #FearOfRushing category.

There is also no word on if Ryan McLeod has signed his Entry Level Contract. As I was saying last night, if I were his agent, I would do everything I could to convince him not to sign the contract until 2019. If he signs that contract now, he’s a slide candidate twice, once this year, and once again next year if he plays in the AHL. If he waits until January — The year he turns 20 — He’s not a slide candidate and the ELC starts immediatly next year regardless of where he plays. Getting out of those ELC contracts puts players in the best situation to make real money early.

I have little doubt that he’s been offered the contract, but I see him as having little incentive to sign it right now.

Regardless, the Oilers are down to 15 Forwards, 10 Defensemen, and 3 Goalies.