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Thursday Morning Hot Links

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Edmonton Oilers v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

Good morning, here we go.

LeBrun finishes his two part series on the next CBA, Escrow and Olympics are the biggest issues for players. Overall, this is much better than the last two lockouts where a Salary Cap and Contract Limits were the issues. (The Athletic)

The Oilers rookies lost to the Flames rookies last night in the beer league tournament. (Global News)

Kurt got really mad about what a waste of time that game against the college team was. He’s hoping the Oilers never do that again. (Edmonton Journal)

Nashville Predators Austin Watson has received a 27 game suspension for domestic violence. The NHL is holding firm on this. For the record, I would still bet a lot of money that we won’t see Slava Voynov in the NHL this year, and maybe ever. (TSN)

That’s all for now.