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Wednesday Morning Hot Links

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2016 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes/Getty Images

Good morning, quite a bit to get through today.

Jeff asks about when Darnell Nurse is going to sign. It is getting close to the time to panic. (Copper&Blue)

Steve Yzerman is stepping down as the Tampa Bay Lightning GM. Says he wants to be closer to his family, who for some odd reason prefers to live in Detroit to Tampa. (Sportsnet)

Sunil looks to the Winnipeg Jets as a comparable to the Oilers. I don’t think it’s unreasonable. They got some good goaltending ‘relied’ on a rookie and went to the 3rd round. (The Superfan)

Rob Soria outlines why Oscar Klefbom is going to be such an important part to this season. (The Hockey Writers)

LeBrun talked to some NHL owners about the upcoming CBA negotiations. It actually sounds like we might not get a lockout this time. (The Athletic)

Finally for your very long, and stats filled read, here is the Pacific division preview. Well, forward groups. (Petro Praxis)

That’s all for now.