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Friday Morning Hotlinks

Weekend’s here, you guys

Barrie Colts v London Knights
What to do with Bouch?
Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

It has been brought to my attention that there’s a long weekend ahead.

Hydrate accordingly.

Let’s get at the links.

There’s an Evan Bouchard situation that will likely present itself in the coming weeks. What should the Oilers do in October with their 2018 top pick? I mean, other than chuck him in the water? Oilers Nation’s Cam Lewis takes a look.

Since Peter Chiarelli has taken the helm, nearly the entire Oilers rsoter has been overhauled. Will Peter Chiarelli still be at the helm to see any fruits of his labour? Lowetide wonders aloud.

Connor McDavid ranks atop our Top 25 under 25 for Summer 2018. I’m almost as shocked as you are.

Finally, Alex over at The Oilers Rig takes a look at three possible breakout candidates in the upcoming Oilers training camp.

Oilers season begins in a mere 36 days. I can hardly contain myself.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your long weekend.