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Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good morning, I have some links.

To start, Jeff gives us the the important stuff regarding Ryan McLeod in our top 25. (Copper&Blue)

The Oilers apparently offered Brandon Davidson a PTO. I don’t really know why, he was here as recently as last year, I’m not sure what they would learn at camp that they didn’t already know. Anyway, he said no. (Sportsnet)

Paige tell us to manage our expectations for this team, just in case you were expecting a cup winner. (Two for Crosschecking)

Bwar gives us a preview of the forwards, including salaries and usage. (Scorum)

Finally, I’ve seen this PuckPedia site pop up a few times, but only recently started exploring it. It has some really cool features regarding players, agents, and cap charts. Naturally, because Darnell Nurse is unsigned, I went to look at who his agent was, and what kind of contracts his players get. I’m glad it’s not Newport. (PuckPedia)

One other note:

I’ve been doing the Hot Links for over a year now, and google search algorithms are giving me a lot of the same, big sites to link day in and day out. Those links are probably things you’d come across anyway, and the traffic from this site isn’t really doing them any good, either. So, if you’re a blogger writing things that are under-shared, or happen to come across something cool, that looks under-read, please inform me of it so that I can put it into the following day’s links. I’m easily accessed through twitter or email.

That’s all for now, enjoy.