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Wednesday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: NHL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all, here we go.

Evan Bouchard has officially signed his ELC. It’s a good sign. (Copper&Blue)

Bituman gave us an excellent fanpost as he always does, this one, assessing Chiarelli’s stupid moves this summer. (Copper&Blue)

The Islanders have signed Ryan Pulock to a 2 year 2M deal. It’s a Darnell Nurse comparable. (Sportsnet)

A new blog just launched, and it started with a tremendous post on what our powerplay might look like. Take the time out of your day to read this. (Oilers Insider)

If you’re into analytics and wonder how NHL teams use them, this is a great post with some excellent quotes. (The Athletic)

We have an addition to Copper&Blue, one I am very excited about, more to come on that later.

That’s all for now, enjoy.