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Oilers’ Full 2018-19 Regular Season Schedule Released

Oilers open season in Sweden, have tough first month

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Edmonton’s 2018-19 regular season schedule has been released.

“#IsItOctoberYet” is a great question. No, it is not October yet. Hold on just a damn second. I’m just getting through watching Taylor Hall win the Hart trophy last night and my GM fritter away another 300K in cap space that this club doesn’t have.

I’m somewhere stuck between comfortably numb and frightened to see what this club plans on doing in the next week to acquire that right handed defenceman that Chiarelli was talking about today in his presser. The tenth overall pick is in play, baby!

(Somewhat related, the NHL announced that the upper limit of the salary cap will be 79.5 million dollars. That’s for another day, like Sunday.)

Right, back to the schedule.

Oilers open up in Sweden on October 6th, they’ll be on the road for three more games (Boston, Winnipeg, New York Rangers) over the next ten days. Their home opener is on the 18th against Boston. The following week will see home tilts against Nashville, Pittsburgh and Washington before heading out on the road to face Nashville and Chicago. They’ll close out October with a home visit from the Wild.


  • NJ (in Sweden)
  • @ Boston
  • @ Winnipeg
  • @ NYR
  • vs. Boston
  • vs. Nashville
  • vs. Pittsburgh
  • vs. Washington
  • @ Nashville
  • @ Chicago
  • vs. Minnesota

Are there five wins there?

The first Battle of Alberta isn’t until November 17th in Calgary.

The entire schedule can be found here.


The first round of the NHL Draft is on Friday beginning at 530 PM MDT / 730 Eastern. The remainder will take place on Saturday. Will there be a trade? Will there be a good trade? Join us for all of the fun you can possibly handle tomorrow night. Also, join us Saturday if you’re really a masochist.