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Wednesday Morning Hot Links: Lots of News

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, after absolutely no news over the weekend, we got a mountain of stuff yesterday. Here’s some of it.

Dreger has lost a bit of credibility over the years, but this one was confirmed by a few other people.

Slava Voynov is looking at making an NHL return. I will not be supporting that, personally. (Sportsnet)

Mike Hoffman and Erik Karlsson have a bigtime problem. Hoffman’s girlfriend has been harassing Karlsson’s wife for a long time. Hoffman and his agent seem to be saying different things. It’s bad. (Ottawa Citizen)

Shona gives us her take on what to do with the 10th overall pick. She’s right on the money as usual. (Copper&Blue)

That’s all for now. Due to the nature of that Karlsson/Hoffman and Voynov stories, the comment section is open for things well beyond hockey. Just, y’know, don’t take it too far.