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Chiarelli: “We’ll Certainly Listen To Offers” For The 10th Overall Pick

Garth Snow’s antenna just went up. So did Ray Shero’s.

2017 NHL Awards - Arrivals
Peter Chiarelli will need to exercise great care should he decide to move Edmonton’s first round pick in 2018.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

“A player at No. 9 or No. 10 isn’t going to play next year...”

“We’ll certainly listen to offers, and if there is a trade, it would probably be on the draft floor.


That’s Oilers General Manager Peter Chiarelli on this year’s 10th overall draft pick. Edmonton owns that pick, and if we’re to believe the GM, then someone can pick up the phone and strike a deal.


I applaud General Manager Peter Chiarelli for wanting to make an immediate impact on this club’s roster, but there’s too many question marks surrounding a trade. After finishing with 103 points in 2016-17, the Oilers barfed their way to a 78 point end in 2017-18. Not that the club isn’t used to missing the playoffs, it just shouldn’t happen when you’ve got the NHL’s greatest player shooting a 108 point year on it. What a waste.


I like that Chiarelli wants to make a move, but let’s pause for a second or two and take a look at the landscape. We’re in the second week of May. The draft is over six weeks away, and Chiarelli’s already leaked out that he’s ready to wheel and deal. If hearing “We’ll certainly listen to offers” doesn’t perk both Garth Snow and Ray Shero’s ears up, nothing will. I’ve got absolutely no faith in Peter Chiarelli making a deal with either of those men. I hear Dale Tallon still takes calls. I would like to speak with the man who gave up Jonathan Marchessault.


The Oilers simply can’t afford anything that’s not in the bargain bin right now. They’ve got to get deals done for Darnell Nurse, Ryan Strome and Matt Benning (should they decide to keep all three, and I think they’ll keep at least the first two), plus they’ve got to re-up or find suitable replacements for Drake Caggiula, a couple of extra forwards and a couple of defencemen. Even if the cap goes up a miracle five million dollars this offseason, it leaves the Oilers anywhere between 13 and 17 million dollars to get seven or eight deals done before the start of the 2018-19 season.


The 10th overall pick might be packaged up with Oscar Klefbom or Jesse Puljujarvi in exchange for a top four RHD or scoring winger. You should have serious reservations if this is what goes down. Klefbom is on a sweetheart contract for five more years at a nice price. You’re not getting anyone with that much term in return, much less a good enough player.


This is probably the most obvious point after the salary cap issue. The Oilers don’t have enough good prospects in the system right now to be chucking a first round pick away without a surefire return. From the sound of Peter Chiarelli, he’s looking for an NHL player in return. Trading the 10th pick might get you an NHL player, but you’re also giving up your first round pick for the year. How much of an impact player will you get when you don’t have much to spend?


I don’t think Peter Chiarelli lasts another 78 point season. He’ll be out there swinging for the fences if he makes this deal. It’s entirely possible for Peter Chiarelli to hit a home run if he can find an RHD to play middle pair for the tenth round pick. Maybe Chiarelli finds a winger on the cheap (with term!) who can put up 50 points next season.

You’ll forgive me if I’m a little skeptical.