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Oilers Might Keep 10th Overall Pick After All

The 10th overall pick has come up in some trade talks.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim v Edmonton Oilers - Game 4 Photo by Tim Smith/Getty Images

Less than a couple weeks ago, the talk surrounding the tenth overall pick was heating up. Specifically, the tenth pick and Oscar Klefbom sure sounded like they might be headed to places elsewhere for a right shot defenceman. While the allure of a top four right shot defenceman sounds pretty good, it probably shouldn’t come at the cost of Edmonton’s best defenceman and Edmonton’s first pick this year.

The Oilers would likely be all over a deal that bolsters their blue line. If the tenth pick were involved, it would also have to include a roster player to free up some cap.

While I’d be happy to see a top six scoring winger come in (or a top 4 defenceman), the Oilers could decide to hang on to number ten after all.

It wouldn’t be the worst option in the world either. Any deal that the Oilers come to that sends the 10th overall pick away for immediate help will result in them sending a roster player of value. That could be a Nugent-Hopkins or a Klefbom. I’m hesitant to think that whatever they get in return would be better than say, a Nugent-Hopkins, or a Klefbom.

General Manager Peter Chiarelli will have to get creative this offseason via free agency. The Oilers don’t have very much cap space to spread, as immediate help might not be available via the trade route.