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Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Men Team Quarterfinal-CAN-FIN Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning Everyone.

Yesterday the Oilers made it official and signed Mikko Koskinen to a one year contract. Half the people on twitter are saying this is a great move, the other half think it’s the worst they’ve ever seen. On this site, I’ve seen mostly “it’s fine”. (Copper&Blue)

There were a few really good games last night, although it was really stupid that the games played at the same time. In the Capitals and Penguins game, Tom Wilson decided to be Tom Wilson some more. Surely he gets a suspension this time. (Sportsnet)

DownGoesBrown released his annual Old Guy Without a Cup rankings. (Sportsnet)

If the Senators were in our division, this would be really good news. Guy Boucher is returning as their head coach. (TSN)

That’s all for now, enjoy.