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Monday Morning Hot Links: Pack it Up

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, here are some things.

The Draft Lottery Odds are out, April 28th is when the balls are pulled.

Czechboy assessed the season, all it’s failures and a few silver linings. (Copper&Blue)

The Oilers made up a bunch of excuses about why they were bad. Can’t really expect them to blame the things that actually were at play. (Edmonton Sun)

Todd McLellan went and visited the Humboldt Broncos survivors after this weekend’s horrific accident. (Global)

The Oilers are continuing to work on their AHL Condors. Yesterday, they signed Cooper Marody to a contract. In all seriousness, I’ve made a big issue about the handling of the farm team, but Keith Gretzky has given it a major overhaul in the past two weeks. More to come I assume. (Edmonton Journal)

That’s all for now. We’re going to have a Copper&Blue roundtable pretty quick here for general thoughts on the season, and I’m sure at least a few of us will go a bit deeper with individual posts the way Czechboy did yesterday. I haven’t prepared mine just yet, but I hope to have it within the next two weeks. There’s a lot to unpack after a season like that. A lot.

I’m also thinking about making a C&B playoff bracket challenge, let me know if there’s interest.