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Friday Morning Hot Links: We’re Done

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Good morning everyone. Last night the Oilers beat the Golden Knights. COnnor McDavid had 3 assists, and the nicest goal Kris Russell is ever going to score ended up not counting. Anyway, here are the links.

The 31 thoughts are in, enjoy. (Sportsnet)

Tyler Benson will be heading to Bakersfield to get some games in the AHL. That team looks a hell of a lot better than it did all season. Here’s hoping for next year. (Edmonton Journal)

Ryan Suter’s injury is actually incredibly serious. If something like this happened to an Oilers top player, there would be more doom and gloom than ever. (The Athletic)

Jared Clinton looks at some silver linings for the non-playoff teams, including us. He also correctly acknowledges that Kailer Yamamoto is going to be fantastic next season. (The Hockey News)

That’s all for now. The Season officially ends tomorrow. We will be out of our misery and can start bickering about the draft. I’m looking forward to it.