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The 2018 NHL Draft Lottery Comes With A Twist

Not that it matters much...because you know who the Draft Lottery Kings are.

2008 NHL Draft Drawing
All these balls say Oilers
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images for the NHL

Time for our Super Bowl.

Our Top of The Pops.

You know what I’m talking about. If it’s not time for BOGO Teen Burgers at the A&W, then it’s got to be time for the NHL Draft Lottery. You will recall the Draft Lottery as the event that the Oilers are really, really, really good at. Four first round picks in seven years good. Move over New England Patriots, you ain’t got nothing on us.

It’s the one time a year where we look at each other like both dogs do in Lady and the Tramp during the spaghetti scene. This is our shootout, and we’ve got Connor McDavid on the ice. Things are about to go our way.

Even though the Oilers have “just a 5% chance” at winning the thing, we’ll have to wait a little bit more than usual for the inevitable moment where the golden Oilers card pops out of Bill Daly’s overstuffed envelope like a portly gentleman in a pair of 34 wides.


In an effort to build up suspense to the Rasmus Dahlin sweepstakes, the NHL will reveal the first twelve results of the lottery between 7:30 and 8 PM Eastern on CBC. They’ll then reveal the winners of the top three picks during the second intermission of Sharks / Golden Knights.

I’m not lovin’ it. You lose some of the excitement when you chop the lottery up. Who could forget the excitement, the buildup, and the eventual eruption for Edmnonton?

Who could forget the utter deflation for other lottery teams in Toronto and Buffalo?

So be ready for the inevitable on Saturday. Pregame if you want to see the first twelve teams, second intermission if you want to see the Oilers assume their rightful place atop the draft chart. It’s just the way it is.