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More than adequate?????

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Media Day

I just wanted to post this season and last seasons scoring leaders. At his presser, Chia said:

I think our scoring was actually more than adequate this year

This comment, to me, was up there with ‘I know a thing or two...’

I’ve purposely left out our Top 3 scorers (McDavid who was phenomenal, Leon who was extremely good and RNH who was perfectly good).

In what world is this ‘more than adequate’ or even close to adequate yet alone adequate? This has to be some of the worse secondary scoring in the league. Lucic just had the worst season of his career since being a rookie and was tied for 4th in scoring. Strome, who fell 25 points shy of the guy he replaced, was also tied for 4th. Maroon, who only played 57 games, was 6th. Even RNH, who had less than 50 points because of injuries, was 3rd in scoring.

Last years scoring is below.

Leon and Connor had 177 points last year and 178 this year so they didn’t decline as a tandem. However, Those 34 points that put Strome and Lucic as our 4th leading scorers would’ve had them tied for 10th in scoring on last year’s team. We had 7 guys between 69 and 35 points last year. This year we had NONE.

Adequate my ass!