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All He Needs Is One More Point For 100

Three point effort in overtime loss to Ducks has McDavid atop the scoring chart

Edmonton Oilers v Ottawa Senators
Three point effort against Ducks puts McDavid atop the league with 99 points.
Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

Just another day at the office for Connor McDavid.

Two assists and a goal for 97 on Sunday night against the Ducks. Add that to a couple of goals the day previous against Los Angeles, now add the four point effort against Ottawa on Thursday. That’s nine points in three games, which isn’t too bad. He’s four points ahead of Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov, who ranks second in scoring with 95 points.

McDavid’s impressive three game stretch gives him 99 points on the year (39-60-99). He’s got six games to go to score just one more point for 100 on the year, which is, well, pretty substantial. McDavid finished with 100 points in the 2016-17 season as well, turning back-to-back century seasons at age 21 as he’s just scratching the surface of his NHL career should give Oiler fans some hope for the near-future.

Unfortunately, it won’t give them the playoffs this year. That’s certainly not a knock on McDavid, quite the opposite. There’s been little supporting cast after McDavid, Leon and Nugent-Hopkins. The Oilers have lacked significant scoring prowess from the wing for much of the season, and until very recently have been in the bottom third in league-wide scoring per game.


It’s been forever and a day since the Hart Trophy was awarded to a player on a club that’s missed the playoffs. But is there any doubt that without McDavid, this club is a lottery team again? Save for perhaps Taylor Hall, is there a player in the league that means more to his club than young 97?

It’s been a spectacular season for Connor McDavid. Let’s get the Oilers caught up so we’re not looking up at the rest of the West in 2018-19.