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Pacific Division Standings Watch

Now’s a great time for a ten game win streak.

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It’s been a couple of days since we’ve taken a look at our good friend Pacific Division. Last we checked in, the Oilers had four wins in five games before hitting the bye week. They took care of the Flames in overtime. stumbled in a 4-3 OTL to the Avalanche. Has any ground been made up? Can the Oilers put together any semblance of a run to the playoffs?

Cam Talbot thinks so. I don’t know if I’m as optimistic.

There are 32 more games in this season, and the Oilers are thirteen points out of third place in the Pacific Division. It’s also the same amount of points that would put them in the Wild Card, so that’s convenient.

The cut line looks to be right below Anaheim. Three teams are within one point of the last Wild Card spot, and Chicago is four points away from them. The Oilers have a near insurmountable thirteen point deficit to eat up quickly. No trouble, yeah?

The Oilers have 32 games remaining in the season, and they’ll need to roughly double their 48 points in that time. They’ll face off against Tampa Bay tomorrow, then they’ll head off on a three game roadie in LA, Anaheim and San Jose. Edmonton will need to win all of the California games. Hope Cam Talbot is ready, because they’ll need to win all of the games after that, too.