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Trade: Oilers Acquire Islanders 3rd-Round Pick in Exchange for Brandon Davidson

2019 3rd-round pick, that is.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is upon us, and Brandon Davidson is the first to go.

The Islanders are coming back to the well for more NHL talent that can help them. For the Oilers, Brandon Davidson had 4 points in 23 games since being plucked off Waivers from the Canadiens earlier this year.

I’m conflicted on this. The price point is about right, a top-100 pick for a bottom pairing defenseman; But on the other hand, it’s a 2019 draft pick that isn’t likely to help the Oilers for at least four years.

I’m glad we didn’t get fleeced again, but this sure doesn’t help the on-ice product at face value. Maybe there’s more in the works. I hope so, but at face value, what we got back isn’t moving the needle for either the rest of this year or next year.

What do you think?