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Sekera To IR. Now What?

<<sim to end of 2017-18 season>>

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Edmonton Oilers
Sekera is on IR again.
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a rash of pucks (okay, two) to the face lately. Drake Caggiula had a few teeth forcibly removed from his face in Anaheim, while Andrej Sekera absorbed a puck to the head in the same game. Both players didn’t come back during the Anaheim game, though we saw Caggiula on Monday night versus the Panthers.

Sekera didn’t practice today, and McLellan announced that he’s not headed to Vegas for tomorrow night’s game against the Golden Knights. Instead, he’s headed toward the injured reserve list, and Big Jim threw around the C-word in this tweet. Sekera’s absence from the lineup compounds the difficulty

Sekera will be on the IR until at least Tuesday’s game versus Boston. Sekera on the IR also ramps up the possibility of seeing Keegan Lowe make his Oilers debut sometime in the next three games.

So at least we got that going for us.