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Wednesday Morning Hot Links: Running Out of Titles

NHL: Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning all, there are a few tidbits in here.

First off, the LA Kings have Traded Marian Gaborik and Nick Shore to the Senators in exchange for Dion Phaneuf and Nate Thompson. This would have been a major trade about 8 years ago. (TSN)

The 31 thoughts are out, Patrick Maroon gets a mention. There are actually a few noteworthy thoughts. (Sportsnet)

Christian Pagnani takes a little peak at the Oilers cap issues next year. I’m still of the opinion that these are largely non-issues and being greatly exaggerated, I’ll explain why eventually, probably. (Oilers Nation)

Hopefully you’ve already had your coffee because this next one might annoy you, ever so slightly. Bob Nicholson is disappointed and hopes to get a top defender soon. (Sportsnet)

That’s all for now. Enjoy.