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Bob Nicholson Wants the Oilers To Trade For “Another Top Pairing Defender”

Oilers’ CEO is upset that the club is wallowing in their own filth this season.

2017 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

“It starts in the dressing room all the way up to me.”


That’s Oilers’ CEO Bob Nicholson, who is “disappointed” that the club stinks this year. I think we’re all not real good with how the club looks this year, especially on offence.

Especially on defence.

Especially in goal.

Especially on penalty kill.

You get the idea. It’s been a long season so far. In 55 games, the Oilers have been victorious in just 23 of them. They’re likely going to miss the playoffs by a wide margin. The draft, free agency, the next six months can all make its way through any time now.


But wait, there’s more. From the same article.

“If we could add another top defenceman that would be real good”

Bob Nicholson wants the Oilers to add ‘another’ (?!?) top defender. Who’s the top defender that’s already here? Is it Larsson, because he was the only one added that cost a first line left wing? Is it Sekera, who was signed in July of 2015? Does “another top defender” mean going all-in on Erik Karlsson, who may or may not be furthering his career with the Senators in the next handful of years? Yeah. Sure.

Adding another top defencemen? Sounds great.

Who’s getting shipped out for Jack Johnson?