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Weekly Stats Update

New Year’s Eve Edition

Projected Standings:

These are all based on my NHL forecasting model. What a difference 13 days makes, after not publishing an update due to Christmas last week, my model now has the Oilers projected to finish six points out of a playoff spot, surrendering their spot to a team whose best players are apparently “fucking horseshit”.

In other news, Calgary is still projected to finish first in the Western Conference, Tampa is projected for nearly 120 points, and the Leafs have the second highest projected point total in the league, while playing in Tampa’s shadow within the Atlantic Division.





Oilers’ win probabilities for this week’s games

Dec 31, 2018

Winnipeg Jets (54%) @ Edmonton Oilers (46%); Total Goals - 5.9

Jan 2, 2019

Edmonton Oilers (44%) @ Arizona Coyotes (56%); Total Goals - 5.5

Jan 5, 2019

Edmonton Oilers (49%) @ Los Angeles Kings (51%); Total Goals - 5.2

Jan 6, 2019

Edmonton Oilers (53%) @ Anaheim Ducks (47%); Total Goals - 5.6