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Trade: Oilers send Drake Caggiula to Chicago Blackhawks in Exchange for Brandon Manning

Yes the guy who broke McDavid’s clavicle

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Chicago Blackhawks David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Well here’s a weird one, the Oilers have sent Drake Caggiula to Chicago for Brandon Manning. This is the same Brandon Manning who sent Connor McDavid into the boards, and the two have had issues with each other ever since.

Brandon Manning is a 28-year-old left defenseman who carries a $2.25 M Cap hit through next season. He has three points on the year and is not known for being very good. He’s known for this.

Drake Caggiula is not a guy I am sad to see go, but I definitely don’t like the return. It’s clear that Ken Hitchcock didn’t have the eternal love for him that Todd McLellan had, but this is quite a terrible trade at face value. Drake Caggiula carries a $1.5M cap hit through next season and has 11 points on the year.

Updates on the rest of the trade to come as I receive them. I, personally, don’t think we’re done here yet, and think that the big trade is still on the horizon.


We can add Jason Garrison as a piece going to Chicago, and Robin Norell coming back.

I still don’t think we’re done.