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Monday Morning Hot Links

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, here we go.

Because the Oilers are 4-1-1, but still have a lot of blinking lights on the dashboard, Eric Friesen points out three players who need to step on the gas. (The Hockey Writers)

Next, it really looks like Seattle’s expansion team is close to a done deal. (State Media)

Because of that, a team from the Pacific will likely have to move to the central. Terry Jones reports that the Oilers don’t want to be that team. (Edmonton Sun)

Lastly, Ken Hitchcock downplays his own touch on new Oilers systems so far citing lack of time. He can be as modest as he wants, but I see the defensive zone coverage, and Mikko Koskinen’s save percentage is no coincidence. (Oilers Nation)

That’s all for now, full game coverage right here vs the Stars