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Jujhar Khaira Suspended Two Games

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Cross-checking Vince Dunn

NHL Player safety has made its decision regarding Jujhar Khaira.

Jujhar Kharia got into it with Vince Dunn yesterday against the St. Louis Blues. Dunn cross-checked Khaira, and Khaira retaliated with a vicious cross-check to the head.

During the game, Dunn was assessed two minutes, while Khaira was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct.

Today Dunn was given a fine that amounts to some pocket change for an NHL player.

The Oilers will be without Jujhar Khaira for Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, as well as the game against the Vancouver Canucks on the 27th, following the Christmas break.

This is exactly why it’s better to let the refs do their jobs, even if they don’t do them, than retaliate. They might not call the first infraction, but the always call the retaliating.

Jujhar will sit and think about what he’s done.

I do find the suspension to be maybe a game too long, but it was also a completely unnecessary hit to the head, so I can be talked into two games being fair, quite easily.

It’s a real shame though, Jujhar was playing extremely well lately. Maybe that useless waiver claim we made for Valentin Zykov will get a chance to slot into the lineup. Time will tell.