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Monday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, I’m sorry you had to stay up so late to watch that game last night. Let’s go to the links.

First, Sunil looks at how average ice-time has changed for individual players from McLellan to Hitchcock. (The Superfan)

For more Hitchcock stuff, here’s a piece on how he’s hitting all the right buttons. (The Province)

Lowetide looks at who might step up now that we know we’ll be without Oscar Klefbom for a while. Somewhat related, Caleb Jones was excellent last night. (The Athletic)

Lastly, there was some weird stuff coming out of Philadelphia about the Flyers and their coaching situation. Steph Driver started it all, so she took the time to clarify everything. If she’s right, and I think she is, Dave Hakstol is getting fired today. (BroadStreetHockey)

That’s all for now, enjoy.