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Oilers Acquire Chris Wideman from Ottawa for Conditional Draft Pick

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers have a new Right Handed Defenseman.

Chris Wideman is a 28-year-old right defenseman who currently has 5 points in 19 games on the season.

I expect that this is to address the Kris Russell playing on his off-side situation, although time will tell if this is a major improvement.

Chirs Wideman is on a one-year, one million dollar contract.

The Draft pick is a 2020 conditional 6th-round pick. The conditions will be updated as details come out.


The 6th round pick is the pick acquired from St. Louis in the Jarebek trade. If Jarebek plays 50 games this season, it becomes a 5th.