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Recap: Oilers 4 vs Chicago 0

I’m so sorry for this

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Astute analysis affirming the absurdity of Caggiula annoys accredited Oilers coaches and assistants. After all, any accountability is absolved across all ages of 20 and above; That or this coach aspires to be agonizingly astigmatic.

Before bringing basic recap blogging back, the Blackhawks brought their best of the best before bottoming out. Better believe the back-half of two games in two days bolstered the Oilers’ chances because the boys banged home four, in spite of a boisterous, brainless boss berating better players, and begging backups to sign here.

Caggiula scoring two confirms crappy, conceited coaches biases. Chicago couldn’t contain Caggiula, and Chaisson cashes in on Chiarelli’s contract offer with his fifth conclusive goal. Current counts concerning Chiarelli UFA contract signings so far: 5 goals.

Despite not drafting Drake, the Oilers deemed it detrimental to dismiss his qualifying offer. During the game, deployed as 1RW, Drake Caggiula did his dandiest to disturb my detest, but didn’t despite scoring two goals and dangling Cam Ward. The Decade of Darkness keeps us from dismissing doom.

Even if I were to emulate the excusing of an exceedingly exhausting lineup, explosive efforts from a player exemplifying effects of erroneous incompetence sometimes surprise everyone. Events like this evening and encouraging and enjoyable, especially if likeliness to continue is exempt from an explanation.

Four goals for a fantastic win. Forget focusing on the forensics of each frame, final scores forcing formidable opponents to fall in the standings forgives forgettable roster formations.

Gifs! Games going good get gifs, gratitude and ‘grats. Good God, even Garisson gets going. Given the way my grammar in this groundplot is going, I’m regretting doing this letter giveaway greatly. And it’s only G.

Heavy hockey heresy had nothing to do with the hometown heroes holding a lead at half-time.

Ignited offense is incredibly important to incrementally increase the incline in the standings. Incompetent idiots encompassing the inner workings of this institution insist that this result is incited by intelligent design, not in spite. Instances and incidents of inferior management are no small indication.

Joking justifies jerking around recaps. The Blackhawks aren’t juggernauts, but juicing them brings joy.

Khaira, Koskinen, and Klefbom kneaded their way to solid knighting of keen performances.

Lessons are learned, lightening the load on Talbot leads to the lessening of losses. Look, I’m on ‘L’, I’m looking to live on through ‘Z’. Like TSN, I can’t leave out the Leafs.

McDavid magnificently masks major McLellan and Management mistakes. McDavid makes the misused and misguided miraculous marksmen. Maybe more than enough to make mathematicians mistake their work as miscalculated.

Nugent-Hopkins nudges another assist. Nurse with nothing.

Often Olsen opinions are obsessive, nonobjective observations. The Oilers owned the scoreboard outright in a game one ought to have observed an opening for the others.

Please put a stop to this. Puck hit posts, Puljujarvi played properly. Penalty killers scored, powerplays were killing penalties. Periodically, players were put out of position on said powerplays, and penalty killing Caggiula avoided a Ward poke, and placed the puck in the net. Two points to propel up in the Pacific.

Quietly consistent, quality scoring chances quantified on the end of the Oilers. Quantitatively, the Q coached team, led the quarrel. Quick Koskinen continued qualifying occurrences with save.

Regardless of rationalizing reactions to regrettable process, the team reassured relative, and reasonable results by realizing a win.

Seriously, sure to some strange fans’ stance of suggesting trading superior wingers for submissible defensemen, somehow the Oilers secured a stranglehold and submitted the Hawks. Shot suppression was either stalled or on suspension.

Turning on the Television turned out to be time well spent. Toews could tuck in goal three-hundred.

Ultimately unaware of how to utilize ‘U’ under the unfortunate ugliness of this under-thought idea for a recap.

V- No

We won. Whatever works toward wins.

X- Also no

Yearning over Yamamoto sitting yesterday.

Z- Zambonie....


  • The big one, I sincerely apologize for that, I swear it seemed like a good idea at first. There are plenty of games to recap, I will try creative things sometimes, but hopefully they don’t turn into the total disaster that did by the time I was pot-committed.
  • Koskinen looks kind of awesome. He was terrible in the preseason, but in the two games he’s played so far, he might actually be challenging Talbot by December.
  • You know how I feel about Caggiula by now, but I will hand it to him for delivering tonight. I don’t expect it to last, and him on that top line isn’t a good idea, but two goals is two goals. Good for him, and good for us.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi slotted back into the lineup after four games off. He had a good chance in the 3rd, and two shots on goal. Again though, he only had 11 minutes.
  • Speaking of minutes, Connor McDavid didn’t lead the forward group. He played the most minutes but was held to just one assist.
  • Klefbom is fantastic. No points but he had a great chance in close, played the most minutes and had another great game. This is the player we need him to be.
  • Again, I’m sorry about that.