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Tuesday Morning Hot Links

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good long weekend aside from the disaster witnessed on Sunday.

To start, Flarwick looks at how stupid Peter Chiarelli is the exports and imports that have happened during Peter Chiarelli’s time here. (Copper&Blue)

Rob Soria looks into Joel Quenneville as an option for the Edmonton Oilers. Personally I’m not a fan, but anything is better than what we have. (The Hockey Writers)

Mark Spector states the obvious that the Oilers have done very little to instill confidence. (Sportsnet)

Petro Praxis tackles a coaching issue by how many goals are left out while Connor McDavid is playing. It turns out that forcing him to play with bad players isn’t helping him. (Petro Praxis)

Lastly, the NHL has a tentative agreement with former players regarding their Concussion Lawsuit. The NHL will give them some peanuts. (CBC)

That’s all for now. We have a game against the Canadiens tonight, full coverage of that disaster right here.