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Monday Morning Hot Links


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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hey nerds! Happy STAT holiday. Here is your curated content for this fine Monday:


The Oilers played last night. We ‘covered’ it. Frankly, be glad one of us actually kept it on for all three periods.

See what other Oilers fans were saying during last night’s game thread.

Pat had some thoughts regarding the Oilers assignment of Kailer Yamamoto and Jesse Puljujarvi to Bakersfield.

Sunil put some words together about the Oilers power play. Click all the way through.

CB continued his multi-part Good, Bad, and Chia series. Part V went live this week, looking at the second 8-game segment of this not-as-young season.

Sunil was on CBC again, talking Oilers. He does this every Thursday night.


Former Oiler Iiro Pakarinen had some thoughts about Todd McLellan. (OilersNation)

Local radio head Dustin Nielson wonders if it’s time for McLellan to put Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl back together again. For good. (OilersNation)

Lowetide’s version of the recent demotions at RW. (The Athletic - paywall)

Lowetide back at it again looking at the Oilers trade landscape. (The Athletic - paywall)

Young Willis takes a look at Milan Lucic. (The Athletic - paywall)