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Monday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. Winning sure makes a weekend better than losing. I was expecting one point at best out of that weekend, we got 4.

To start, here’s the recap from yesterday’s action. (Copper&Blue)

Next we have a really in depth look at Leon Draisaitl and his crappy-but-improving play this season. It’s a long post but I really recommend finding the time for this. (Petro Praxis)

Lowetide offers his opinion on this Jesse Puljujarvi situation, not that this was written before he’d been scratched three straight games for no good reason. (The Athletic)

Lastly, Don Cherry had me agreeing with him when he was talking about the linesmen refusing to drop the puck. (Sportsnet)

That’s all for now, enjoy.