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Monday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at New York Rangers Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, we started the weekend with a win, the rest of your enjoyment was up to you.

First, czechboy discusses Evan Bouchard and compares him to other defensemen who have put up similar numbers in Junior. (Copper&Blue)

Mark Spector questioned the Oilers depth, that’s fair, but I don’t really agree with some of the observations. (Sportsnet)

Lowetide gives us the update on all our prospects. Some of them are looking pretty darn good. (The Athletic)

If you’ve ever been interested in knowing which countries current NHL players are from, here’s one list. (The Hockey News)

Finally, Mike Matheson is going to have a hearing with NHL DPS after his wrestling move that injured young star Elias Pettersson.

That’s all for now, enjoy.