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Oilers Crushed In Dallas

It’s just a coaching opp, but where there’s smoke, there’s wires

ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Season 12

This isn’t the way things were supposed to be. It is, unfortunately, the way things are.

The Oilers got their bacon handed to them on a platter in Dallas today. They got blown out of the water. If they were fish, they wee filleted. If they were a car, they had three blown tires. You get the idea. Save for a lone goal from Leon Draisaitl, the club had no mojo. The Stars? They did OK for themselves. They got three goals in the first period, five by the game’s end.

Five, is significantly greater than one.


What to say?

  • Cam Talbot was yanked five minutes into the second period after allowing Dallas’ fourth goal. He didn’t receive any help. Al Montoya got in with fifteen minutes remaining in the second and turned aside nine of ten shots (all except for the one above this paragraph where Kris Russell is out shooting pool on the surface of the ice).
  • The Oilers have scored two goals in the last twelve periods of play. Three if you count the shootout goal. I didn’t count the shootout goal. That cool 4-0-0 run a little while back has been overcome with a fierce bout of indigestion that’s seen the club go 1-4-1 over the last six. They’re not scoring goals. It’s not good. Beep beep!
  • You know who’s killing it for the Stars? It’s Alexander Radulov. Three points today (1-2-3), 38 on the season so far, he’s on pace for over 70 this year. He’s got a S% that’s over 15%, but his career average is in the high 14s. Not bad.
  • Leon Draisaitl’s goal was the only goal scored for the Oilers all day. Good news? It was on the power play. Bad news? It’s Draisaitl’s first PP goal of the season. Half a surprise is better than no surprise at all. Connor McDavid had an assist. It’s his last year of his entry level deal and this team is on pace for 77 points. What a crock.
  • GOOD NEWS? Oilers were 2/2 on the PK, which is somehow better away from home than at home. They’re still swimming in the low 70s on the PK overall. Small favours?
  • The world is on fire. At least, until tomorrow. The Oilers are back in action against the Blackhawks in Chicago. Another game like today’s and you’ll need some Pepto before the puck drop.