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Thursday Morning Hot Links: Rage

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NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning everyone, we have some links.

Lowetide goes on a rampage. Seriously, find yourself 8 minutes to listen to this take today. He hits the nail on the head, and vents for those of us who are not as well spoken. (Soundcloud)

Mark Spector is very much against firing Todd McLellan. I’m really on the fence about it but another bullshit effort like we saw on Tuesday would probably push me off the edge. (Sportsnet)

Brandon Dubinsky has been sent home by the Coulmbus Blue Jackets. There is some conflicting information about why, but it sounds pretty serious. (The Athletic)

That’s all for now. And seriously, listen to that rant. The Flames will be on the ice at 7PM tonight, time will tell if the Oilers will be or not. Regardless, we’ll cover the disaster.