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Tuesday Morning Hot Links: Draft Talk

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NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. I have some links.

Lowetide looks at a few of our prospects as well as one surprise in the AHL. (The Athletic)

BaggedMilk makes a mockery of that LA Kings commentator who suggested the Oilers trade for Jack Johnson and play him as a forward. If something like that actually happened, the sky is falling. This is why it’s important to tone it down a bit when it comes to a skills coach. Serious issues do happen with this team. (Oilers Nation)

DownGoesBrown gives us the weekend wrap. Our three game win streak has taken us out of the bottom five. (Sportsnet)

Central Scouting has released its prospect rankings. Unfortunately, this is kind of important to us this year... again. And I want Filip Zadina, damnit!! (North American and European)

That’s all for now, which draft eligible players are you guys eyeing?