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Wednesday Morning Hot Links: Subscribe

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Spokane Chiefs v Calgary Hitmen Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Good Morning, Link time.

Lowetide gives a piece about Tyler Benson. I’m a pretty big fan of Benson and think that he could be a good NHL player one day but those injuries need to stop. (Lowetide)

Bruce McCurdy appears to be covering the Young Stars Tournament via the Journal. He takes an in-depth look at my favorite prospect in the system in Kailer Yamamoto. (Edmonton Journal)

If you want a simplified version of the Rookie Tournament roster, here you go. A certain prospect’s inclusion should keep Czechboy happy. (Sportsnet)

Time for the real monster. If you haven’t noticed recently, The Athletic is pouching every good writer out there. They’re changing the way digital print is being published and annoyingly, they expect us internet users to pay for it. They’re having promotional prices right now so it’s pretty cheap but we all know that the price isn’t the reason we’re against it. It’s the principle of having to pay for quality that none of us torrentors and file sharers have been used to since the internet start. I broke down and bit the bullet for a subscription yesterday and expect it will be money well spent. This really goes against what we’re used to but this is where the quality has decided to come together. If you don’t like it, you’re free to keep reading hack-writers like me! (The Athletic)

That’s it for today. Also, I’m writing this at 8:45PM and the sun is down. Not cool.