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Friday Morning Hot Links: Bye Malone

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Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The weekend is here and by this time next week, the regular season will have started.

Apparently the Oilers have cut Brad Malone and placed him on waivers with the intention of assigning him to Bakersfield. I didn’t notice for hours later because the Oilers official twitter account released the news at 9:05 am between a bunch of other tweets. Pretty Sneaky.

Kind of surprising in the sense that he’s not getting the last preseason game. He wasn’t expected to make the team when he was signed but he has played better than expected in the preseason. Also, why hasn’t Chris Kelly been cut yet?

In some mildly amusing albeit not at all important news, a judge has awarded split custody of Oilers season tickets between divorcees. It met all the criteria of an asset and... He was paying HOW MUCH in alimony? Why is that not the news? (Sportsnet)

Leon Draisaitl is back at RW on a line with Connor McDavid and Patrick Maroon. Coach McLellan says it’s not a big deal and I find myself siding with him on that. He says it has more to do with wanting to see how the other players play without either of our best players. (Edmonton Journal)

A few NHL players were asked who the best player in the game is. Or they were asked specifically who is better between Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. These articles are usually an eye-roller and this one is no exception. Who’s ready for this debate for the next 6 years? (Sportsnet)

Lowetide continues posting on his own blog despite joining the athletic. He looks at who is on the roster and naturally gives praise to Kailer Yamamoto because he’s awesome. He also made me notice that Mark Fayne is also still here. Malone being cut all alone gets more weird by the second. (Lowetide)

You know how coaches use a bunch of Cliche’s to talk about hockey? Justin Bourne tells casual fans what those things mean. I think it’s unlikely that the Athletic has casual fans but here it is. (The Athletic)

I went outside at 7:30 PM last night and assumed that there must have been a storm brewing. The lighting really looked as though there was a dark cloud in the sky. Turns out that it’s actually just this close to hockey season. It was a great summer on my end, I got a good 40+ rounds of golf in, and I became a contributor to this blog. I look forward to continuing to cover the Oilers throughout a full season.

That’s all for today. This weekend there should be some original content from us at Copper&Blue as well as full game coverage for the final preseason game. Comment below.