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LOOK: Another Ridiculous Goal By Connor McDavid


NHL: Preseason-Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers
Just another day for #97
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed last night’s 4-0 Oilers victory over the Hurricanes, I get it. It’s preseason, and you’re probably just counting down the days (six!) until the season opener against Calgary. That’s fair.

But if you did miss last night’s 4-0 victory over the Hurricanes, you missed one of Connor McDavid’s best goals yet.

Let’s go to the tape.


Just another day at the sandwich shop. McDavid challenges Haydn Fleury and flicks the puck above his stick before smashing it behind Cam Ward. It’s so unbelievable that you have to watch it three or four times. If ever I had a chance to ask Connor McDavid about this goal it would be as awkward as the SNL sketch with Chris Farley talking to Sir Paul McCartney. There’s nothing that Cam Ward can do to stop what Connor McDavid just unleashed.

The Oilers face off against Vancouver on Saturday night to wrap up the preseason. Join us for the festivities.