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Wednesday Morning Hot Links: Penalties

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning, I called in sick yesterday but I have the links ready to go today.

We’ll start off by putting a downer on the links. Brian Boyle has been diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. It’s a form of cancer that affect marrow. The twitter world seems pretty optimistic about the prognosis so lets hope for the best. I’m personally not a doctor and feel that me speculating on the matter is inappropriate. I wish him all the best. (TSN)

Robert Tychkowski discusses one of my favorite prospects in the entire NHL, Kailer Yamamoto. He also digs into the fact that there were 17 friggen penalties called in the split squad game at home and plenty more across the rest of the league. (Edmonton Journal)

Brad Marchand calls the new faceoff rule ‘an absolute joke’. If you’ve read any of my prior comments or articles, you know that I am an avid fan of this rule. Or, I’m a fan of anything that encourages the ref to drop the puck without having to kick players out. Brad Marchand is both wrong and right when describing the issues. The League has allowed the rule to be broken for so long that the only way players win these days is by cheating. If they dispose of enforcing this as they have in the past, all they’ve done is ruin a preseason. If they continue, there’s going to be pain for the first month. (Sportsnet)

Jason Gregor asks about whether or not the NHL will continue calling the stick infractions (slashing) throughout the season or give up on it. I’m skeptical personally but the NHL did stick to it’s guns when calling obstruction calls after the big lockout. We’ll see I guess. (Oilers Nation)

We end with a positive note. Lowetide does a pacific division preview and it has a really good team at the top of his predictions. He has the Kings a lot higher than I would have them. That’s a team that I consider a bottom five. They’ll be the first team to lead the league in Corsi and be in the running for Rasmus Dahlin. (Lowetide)

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