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Friday Morning Hot Links: The Roster

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San Jose Sharks v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Tim Smith/Getty Images

Good Morning, time for the weekend links!

We all know that NHL players are not going to the Olympics. It’s annoying but we are well aware by now. So much so that even Alexander Ovechkin is aware and has released a statement on the matter. (NHL)

David Pastrnak signed with the Bruins yesterday and it was for a lot less than the 8.5M Leon Draisaitl got with the Oilers. Personally I still think that Draisaitl at 8.5 is fantastic, Jonathan Willis disagrees. (The Athletic)

Bruce McCurdy tackles a breakdown of the Oilers 61-man camp roster. It’s quite a long read but well worth it. (Edmonton Journal)

Milan Lucic is working out with Terrell Owens to try and get faster. Lets hope he gains some speed without learning some of the other Owens’ traits. Also this link will have a video regarding the Oilers attached. Worth watching. (Sportsnet)

Enjoy your weekend!