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Tuesday Morning Hot Links: Lucic and Penticton

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Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Hello all, lets get this going!

The Oilers kicked some major ass in the Penticton Young-Stars tournament over the weekend. Our own Jeff Chapman gives the details. (Copper & Blue)

As was pointed out to me yesterday, I should have mentioned that the Oilers have given Chris Kelly a PTO. I don’t know why and if it’s for any reason beyond having a extra body at camp, it’s bad news. (NBC Sports)

Over at OilersNation we get a look at Milan Lucic’s numbers, particularly 5v5 vs powerplay points. It’s a well written piece full of statistical analysis and twitter fight references from... wait a minute... doesn’t this guy write for us? (OilersNation)

I’ve mentioned before that we should temper our expectations going into the year. Not because I think the team will be bad — I most certainly don’t — but because there is so much that goes into winning a cup beyond anyone’s control. This article does the complete opposite and asks if it’s cup or bust. (Sporting News)

It’s nice to see that Lowetide is going to continue writing free articles. Here is one recapping the players in the tournament. (Lowetide)

Filling the part of subscription necessary articles today is Jonathan Willis also giving us a piece on Lucic. Can he improve this year? (The Athletic)

That’s it for today. Enjoy.