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Friday Morning Hot Links: Everyone Sept Iginla

Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Good Morning, Lets get some links going.

Lets get the real monster out of the way. Yesterday a bunch of noise started happening regarding a connection between Jarome Iginla and the Edmonton Oilers. Luckily that turns out to be a load of crap according to Stauffer. This is very important because despite how good Iginla was, he can no longer play the game of hockey. His main skills when he could still play were his speed and his shot, he can’t do either anymore. I had the displeasure of watching him play for the Avalanche last year and it wasn’t the terrible team just dragging him down. He played a role on that team being that bad. (Edmonton Journal)

Jonathan Willis talks about how Jesse Puljujarvi will play next year. In case you didn’t know, I am not a fan of Puljujarvi and think he’s going to be about as effective at the NHL level as a one-legged cat trying to bury his turd on a frozen pond. A lot of his point total will be a result of where he plays. If he plays with Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl, he might get a lot. We’ll see. (Oilers Nation)

Would you like to hear about how good Cam Talbot is? Of course you would, he’s an incredibly valuable piece to the Oilers and Ryan Kennedy can tell you about him. (The Hockey News)

If you read about Cam Talbot, then of course you’ll read about Oscar Klefbom. He’s the best defenseman we’ve had in Edmonton since Chris Pronger and he’s way more respectable. Let’s speculate about him! (Oilers Nation)

In some sad news, Mike Ribeiro has effectively retired. He’s struggle with substance abuse throughout his career and his agent says it’s worse than it’s ever been. (Sportsnet)

The Oiler’s rookie tournament in Penticton starts in a week and Lowetide talks a bit about who is going to it. We’ll be covering the tournament here at Copper&Blue as well. (Lowetide)

This probably isn’t an appropriate place for this particular plug but I’m sure you’ll tolerate it. A few friends created a Colorado Avalanche site that launched this morning. It consists of defected talent form a different site and I want to see it do well. I know there aren’t many Avs’ fans here but if you’re inclined giving these guys a twitter share or want to pop over to the discord, it’s a great community and would be appreciated. (Burgundy-Rainbow)

If you haven’t noticed, the leaves are changing color, the temperature is dropping and shadows are growing long. It’s now September and summer is basically over. Remember in 2014 when it snowed on the 8th? That could happen again. On the plus side, hockey season starts soon.

Have a good weekend everyone.