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Wednesday Morning Hotlinks: Preseason Schedule

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, the hotlinks are ready to go.

The NHL has released its preseason schedule. There are games at Penn State, Saskatoon and Quebec City among other places. The Oilers and Flames are having split squad games as well. Preseason games are those things I get really excited about until I watch them and realize that there is no quality hockey to be found within. (Sportsnet)

There is a new Hockey Blog out there. So far it doesn’t have too much info but I always enjoy seeing a possible new source of information. Check out Hockey Extra. They are also looking for writers for certain teams if that interests you. (Hockey Extra)

I discovered Hockey Extra because LoweTide plugged it into their article about Leon Draisaitl. Also mentioned are a few college prospects and some stats that could make the untrained reader go cross-eyed. (Lowetide)

What is reasonable to expect out of Jesse Puljujarvi? Fansided has declared that he will be on the roster next year and might just stay there. (Oil on Whyte)

The IOC’s Dick Pound is back in the news. He’s repeating a lot of the things he already said but this time, with emphasis. (Sportsnet)

The Top 25 Under 25 kicked off yesterday with a few fringe prospects in #25 Bogdan Yakimov and #24 Ryan Mantha. For the record, I’m well aware that Flariwick’s formatting and word count were far superior to mine. I’m looking forward to see how the rest of the writers structure and add features to their pieces so that I can combine the best of all in my next one. Both Links from Copper&Blue. (Bogdan Yakimov and Ryan Mantha)

That’s all for today. Comment Below.