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Oilers Hockey Is Just Around The Corner

Relax. After a too-long summer, Oilers hockey is closer than you think.

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So much going on in this photo.
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You’ve got about nine days to go. That’s all it’ll take before you see some Oiler hockey once again.

The seventh annual YoungStars Classic will take place in Penticton, BC beginning on September 8th. That’s... less than a couple of weeks away. The YoungStars tournament is a chance to get a first glimpse at Oilers in the system as they take on prospects from other Western Conference clubs.

It will likely be a chance to get a first look at 2017 first round pick Kailer Yamamoto as well as the rest of the Oilers’ 2017 draft class. It might not carry with it the sizzle of an Oilers / Ducks Conference semi-final game, but you’re probably starving for just about any dose of hockey right now. Seeing a swath of 18 and 19 year old prospects fits the bill quite nicely.

Here’s when the Oilers YoungStars are in action: (all times local)

Oilers vs. Flames - September 8th - 5 PM

Jets vs. Oilers - September 9th - 8:30 PM

Canucks vs. Oilers - September 11th - 3 PM

Not headed to Penticton to watch the tournament? The Oilers will likely stream the tournament from their website. As always, more info to follow.

It’s almost that time again. Get ready.