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Monday Morning Hot Links: Bill the Butcher

peterocque-Deviant Art

Good morning, I hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for links.

Are you ready for a projection of next year’s lineup and where cap space is being allocated? I hope so because this kind of thing is going to be a theme until camp starts. (Lowetide)

Sammi Speculates on what Peter Chiarelli might due to the lack of right wingers. The obvious choice is to sign Jaromir Jagr but the chances of that happening seem to be dwindling by the day. (Oil on Whyte)

The New Jersey Devils have signed college free agent Will Butcher. He was a Colorady Avalanche draft pick but didn’t sign with the team and elected to be a free agent instead. He’s not really that good. (TSN)

Matt Hendricks signed with the Winnipeg Jets over the weekend. He was a good soldier here despite not having an on-ice role in the playoffs. If you want a eulogy to his career as an Oiler, this is the spot. (Oilers Nation)

I expect now that the season is nearing (seriously, it was dark at like 9PM last night) these links should start getting meatier. Thanks for tolerating the lack of news in the meantime. That’s all for Today, comment below.